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Willowside Mutual Water Company (WMWC) Rules and Regulations

Revised August 17, 2016



Each homeowner is responsible for paying the connection fee determined by the WMWC board.  Fee determination is based upon operating costs, maintenance, repairs and reserves needed for future capital expenses, etc. 



If a shareholder is delinquent for more than 90 days, and payment terms agreed to in writing by WMWC/homeowner are not met, WMWC board has the right to install a lockable valve/box if one is not already installed.  WMWC will turn off the water and require the property owner to pay fees associated with delinquency, which will include all labor fees to perform the shut-off and installation of the above noted equipment.  Water will not be turned on until the outstanding balance is paid. WMWC has the right to assess other fees on the delinquent party including but not limited to water shut off, reconnect fees and one-year payment in advance.


Home Sales:

When a house is on the market to be sold, WMWC requires installation of a meter, backflow preventer and a lockable valve/box to comply with state law if one is not already installed.  Installation costs are to be paid by the seller/buyer upon the close of escrow (refer to Meter and Valves below).  WMWC will notify the realtor that this transaction must become part of the close of escrow.  Failure to comply prior to escrow closing will result in water service disconnect.


Non Standard Usage Fees:

Water provided by WMWC is for domestic use only.   Any customer in the service area who uses water in a manner different from a typical single-family unit may be required to pay additional non-standard usage fees.  Home occupations operating within the WMWC service area that consume water as part of the operation will be required to have a meter and a lockable shutoff valve/box installed and be required to pay additional charges based upon non-standard usage.  


Meters, Backflow Preventers and Valves:

WMWC board reserves the right to install a water meter, backflow device and lockable shutoff valve/box on any property in the service area.  The valve, valve box, meter and back flow device are the property of the WMWC. The following circumstances that may require meter/back flow device installation are:

Failure to repair leaks

Excessive watering leading to continued high water runoff

Transfer of title to a residence


This list is not all-inclusive.


The property owner is responsible for paying the installation cost of the supplied meter, back flow device, valve box and valve.  WMWC is responsible for paying for the meter, valve box, back flow device and valve.  In compliance with California State licensing requirements, service installations or repairs must be done by or be supervised by a WMWC approved and designated contractor who is familiar with our equipment and procedures.

The property owner is responsible for maintaining the piping from the meter/valve into the residence.  WMWC is responsible for maintaining the valve, meter, back flow device and piping from the distribution system to the meter/valve. The property owner must not cover the valve box with any landscaping materials or other obstructions; it must remain in plain sight for WMWC to access.


Flush Hydrants:

All flush hydrants & street shutoffs must be accessible to WMWC. Only WMWC's Operator & Fire Department personnel are authorized to exercise the flush hydrants. Each flush hydrant is required to have 3' unobstructed radius for access. WMWC reserves the right to remove any obstruction from this radius in order to exercise the flush hydrants.


Water Conservation:

All WMWC customers should look for leaks both inside and outside their residences and use aerial water sprinklers no more than two times weekly and only between the hours of 8 PM and 9 AM.  There should be no water runoff in the gutters.  If you see water, investigate the source and resolve it.  If you need help resolving a water conservation issue, please call WMWC at 536-1250, leave a message and a Board Member will contact you to help resolve the problem.